Chanel has made a $1500 boomerang and the Australians are not liking it for all the right reasons

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This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a brand raking up prices on ridiculously unimportant things, because of the whole “It’s in the name” bit. But, what’s rather shocking is when a label like Chanel too joins the ‘silly in the name of luxe’ bandwagon. Quite recently, it introduced a boomerang for a whopping $1460 as part of its Spring Summer pre-collection that’s rightly being condemned as stupid!

Listed on Chanel’s website under the other Accessories section, its take on Australia’s indigenous art object (read boomerang) has earned enough flake for the heavy price tag. As per Gabrielle Sullivan, chief executive of the Indigenous Arts Code, “This is simply a misappropriation of aboriginal culture. Chanel is a big company and they should know better. I don’t see how this is different from a cheap fake boomerang sold at the airport. It’s just an expensive version of this.” Quite obviously, artists from the boomerang manufacturing clan in Australia and those selling it at airports couldn’t agree more!

Per another native artist, Bibi Barba- “They (boomerangs) are a cultural symbol for Australians. A lot of indigenous artists do artwork on them and this artwork is different in different parts of the country, it holds different meaning.” An immense amount of ridicule later, the ultimate demand is for Chanel to donate the money they make with this to the campaign against fake culture. (Not sure if that exists!). However, all the luxury shamming and activist rallying apart, we still ain’t spending $1500 on a boomerang!

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Chanel Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection features an Ancient Greece theme entitled “ La Modernite de l’Antiquite” which when translated means “The Modernity of Antiquity.” Keeping in line with the theme, the collection boasts of beautiful ancient-themed handbags, minaudieres, and drawstring bags in different sizes, patterns, and colors, which look stylishly chic and modern.


One particular bag that caught our attention would be this unique flap bag. Inspired by the aesthetics of Ancient Greek fashion, this bag boasts of quite sandy, light golden tone which is often associated with the “glory that was Greece.” Made in a braided fashion, this Chanel bag features a concave-shaped flap and an interlocking chained shoulder strap for easy shoulder carrying. The CC clasp is placed in the middle for effortless brand recognition.


Another eye-catching bag for the Cruise 2018 Runway Bag Collection would be the Gabrielle bag. Introduced during Chanel’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection, the Gabrielle bag is a trusty drawstring bag that provides an undeniable fashion flair to your whole ensembles.

For the 2018 Collection, the Gabrielle Bag is seen in several versions of different colors, materials, and fabric. Fresh and funky, the Gabrielle Bag breathes life to what Ancient Greece is all about: a civilization of antiquity yet still relevant in this modern age.




























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Top 10 Weirdest Chanel Bags

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Over the years, Karl Lagerfeld has created some of the weird or should we say, unique, handbags for Chanel. Surprisingly, these one-of-a-kind bags are some of the brand’s best sellers from its collections. Chanel has released a variety of designs, taking inspirations from unexpected things like Matryoshka dolls, milk carton box, gas tank and even computer keyboard. Other people may find it funny, but for most Chanel fans, these bags are worth the price. No matter how out of this world the designs are, these Chanel bags are still getting a lot of praises, so expect more quirky bags from the brand.

Some of these bags are still available at consignment shops, but since these are limited edition pieces, prepare to spend more money if you want to own one.

1. Russian Doll

Also known as the Matryoshka Doll Bag, as it was literally inspired by the famous Russian dolls. The bag was presented for the Paris-Moscow Pre-Fall 2009 Collection. It retailed at $6,000 (USD) when it was released. It is made of resin and gold, and features the CC logo with the iconic chain/leather shoulder strap. Who says Russian nesting dolls are only for home decor?

2. Hula Hoop Bag

Gone are the days when hula hoops are just used for exercising. Karl Lagerfeld has transformed the famous toy hoop into an amazing handbag for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. The bag’s signature quilted lambskin leather was attached to two hoops to make it into a handbag. A mini size is currently available at The Real Real for $1,395 (USD).

3. Belt Buckle Minaudiere

The Chanel Paris-Dallas Metiers D’Art Pre-fall 2014 was shown in a rodeo setting. So it’s no wonder that the collection will feature cowboy inspired accessories. One of the handbags in the collection was a minaudiere inspired by western belt buckles. The Belt Buckle Minaudiere was priced at $5,600 (USD) back in 2014.

4. Lait de Coco

One of the most popular bags from Chanel is the very adorable Lait de Coco bag from the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. The collection has a grocery theme, and the Lait de Coco bag perfectly fits in it. It has a shape of a milk carton and made of metallic goatskin. It is also made available in patent leather and python. The bag is still available at Portero for a whopping $11,990 (USD).

5. Grocery Basket Bag

If you think baskets are only for supermarkets, you haven’t seen this Chanel bag. Also from the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, the Basket bag is a luxury version of the classic wire shopping basket. The limited edition bag was released for $10,350 (USD).

6. Dubai By Night Gas Tank

The Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection was held in Dubai. Obviously, the most talked about bag after the runway show was the gas tank inspired bag. The Dubai By Night Gas Tank bag was made available in plexiglass and quilted leather. The bag has a small handle and includes a chain/leather shoulder strap. The plexiglass bag is still on sale at Tradesy for $7,780 (USD).

7. Brasserie Gabrielle Plexiglass Plates Minaudiere

The Fall/Winter 2015 Collection has a Paris Brasserie theme, wherein the Grand Palais was transformed into a chic restaurant during the show. The plates minaudiere was introduced in the show, it is made of white plexiglass with a lambskin leather and kiss lock closure. The bag is currently available at Portero for $9,950 (USD).

8. Film Projector Buonasera Minaudiere

Karl Lagerfeld has taken his inspiration from a vintage film projector to create this unique bag. The Film Projector Buonasera Minaudiere was presented for the Métiers d’Art Pre-Fall 2016 Collection which was held at a film studio in Rome. It is made of resin and brass, and features embellished strass on the lens. The bag was priced at $13,000 (USD).

9. Evening in L’Atelier Minaudiere Bag

One of the favorites from the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection is the spool thread inspired bag. It is made of gold thread and black resin with an interlaced chain and leather shoulder strap. The evening bag retailed for $7,600 (USD).

10. Keyboard Pouch Bag

The latest from this season is the Keyboard Pouch Bag from the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. The brand’s newest collection entitled “Data Center Chanel” features technology inspired accessories. The Keyboard Pouch is made of calfskin and available in black and silver. It features the address of Coco Chanel’s apartment, and comes with a cute robot charm. The bag retails for $950 (USD) and is still available in stores.

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Kris Grikaite stars in Prada's pre-fall 2017 campaignKris Grikaite stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaign

Fresh off its ‘Nonconformists’ advertisements, Prada unveils its pre-fall 2017 campaign called ‘Encounters’. The Italian label spotlights rising stars of the modeling world with Selena Forrest, Kris Grikaite and Nina Gulien. Photographed by Willy Vanderperre, the trio pose in a retro-looking home setting in looks from the runway. This campaign marks the third installment of 365, where Prada goes for a seasonless approach to advertising. The images spotlight fuzzy cardigans, leather coats and slouchy tote bags.


Willy Vanderperre photographs Prada's pre-fall 2017 campaignWilly Vanderperre photographs Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignSelena Forrest and Nina Gulien appear in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignSelena Forrest and Nina Gulien appear in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaign
Prada unveils pre-fall 2017 advertising campaignPrada unveils pre-fall 2017 advertising campaignSelena Forrest stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignSelena Forrest stars in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaignTote bags take the spotlight in Prada's pre-fall 2017 campaignTote bags take the spotlight in Prada’s pre-fall 2017 campaign

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