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IIt is with great excitement that I introduce the ‘Kohinoor Diamond’ of my Hermes handbag collection to you…amidst New Delhi’s historic monuments.

PurseBop’s History Lesson

Kohinoor Diamond: Once considered the largest diamond in the world, the Kohinoor Diamond forms the centerpiece of the famed Crown of Queen Elizabeth. Fought over for generations by Indian rulers, the British took control of the gem in the mid 1800s. While no longer the largest, it is surely the most iconic diamond in the world.

The Kohinoor Diamond rests in the center of her crown.

The Kohinoor Diamond rests in the center of her crown.


PurseBop’s Kohinoor! (LOL)

Humayun’s Tomb: This epic tomb, completed in 1572, was constructed for the Mughal emperor Humayun. It was the first garden tomb on the Indian sub-continent. President Obama visited during his recent trip to New Delhi.


India Gate:

This grand war memorial commemorates the soldiers who fought in the undivided British Indian Army and died between 1914-1921 in the First World War. It is one of the most iconic monuments in the city of Delhi.


Qutub Minar:


My Kohinoor is the Hermes shade officially called 5P PINK. After much investigation and expert advice from our BopTalk Celebrity Varvara (@evelinaesc), I learnt that the 5P PINK is also referred to as Bubblegum or Barbie Pink and is considered the crown jewel of all PINKS (no pun intended) by Hermes collectors…

In Varvara’s words: “It is the perfect pink, the holy grail of all pinks, THE legendary pink… This color is offered very rarely and usually only by special order.” It was offered at podium for special order this season.

My Kohinoor Birkin was a ‘SO’, a special order limited production for VIP clients. I squealed with delight when I found out! How does a girl get so lucky!?

Let me explain, an Hermes special order is a bag that a VIP client can specifically design using the available leathers and colors for the season. The special orders arrive with a little stamped horseshoe in the front center.

My treasure was likely a special baggie created by the company to keep as something special on reserve ‘when needed’. My birkin does not have the horseshoe as I did not personally custom design it with this leather, rare pink color, contrast stitching or the GHW.

I was however offered, ‘that special reserve’ and I could not be more delighted or honored.

Closer view of the Qutub Minar 's balcony's carvings.

Closer view of the intricacy of  Qutub Minar ‘s balcony carvings.

The Kohinoor is a mini Birkin bag measuring 25 centimeters at the base, otherwise known as a Birkin 25. Of the Birkin sizes produced, the B25 is the smallest and rarest. We like to call it the “Irresistible, yet Unattainable: Hermes Bag“


My Kohinoor B is made of chèvre, a type of goat leather whose official name is Mysore Chèvre. Originally there were 3 Chèvre’s and “the Mysore Chèvre is medium thickness”, explained Varvara. The two other Chèvre leathers include Coromandel and Mangalore. Apparently, the Coromandel Chèvre was thicker and the spine was too prominent, bothering many aficionados. The Mangalore Chèvre was lovely and saturated which created a beautiful affect, but it went floppy very fast. It also had a fault of “waving”, and the skin was simply too flexible.

Mysore is between both and is the lightest and most durable of the Hermes leathers.


A very special thanks to the Delhi Hermes team for making my experience so memorable. I could not be more delighted with the exquisite mini Birkin you found for me.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at Birkin sizes and lots more eye-candy – or shall I say Bubblegum…

Till then, It would be my priveledge to share anything you would like to know about my experience with the Birkin25. I’m available on BopTalk… drop by to say HI! I would love to hear from you and have you share your thoughts. Click HERE to chat with ME…

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Brand Personas

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Have you ever wondered what does your favourite luxury brand say about you? If you love Prada or know someone who loves her Céline, then read on to find out more about brand personas.

The Prada wearer loves understated luxe. She is a classic and reserved wearer who isn’t overly concerned about the latest trends. She appreciates good quality and Prada’s Italian workmanship is the perfect accessory for her.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 11.57.25 AM

Much like Coco Chanel, the Chanel lady is classically polished and leans towards building her monochrome wardrobe. She loves timeless styles, so you’ll find her in between black and navy shift dresses or sophisticated and tailored white pieces.

When you meet a Céline woman, you’ll instantly recognise her for her refined ways. Mild-mannered, she evokes a strong love for cultures and the arts. The bold lines of a Céline bag reveals her interest in structured styles and sharp accessories.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 12.49.55 PM

Burberry ladies are quintessentially influenced by British preppy styles. You’d see them in checks, neutrals and classic accessories from head-to-toe. They like function and form when shopping, so expect jackets with pockets, bags with compartments and multi-wear bracelets and necklaces.

Were these on point? Stay tuned for more Brand Personas in the weeks to come, especially if you love Balenciaga Motorcycle bags, Hermès Birkins, Givenchy Antigonas and more.

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Loewe Woven Tote Bag: Loewe and Behold

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Loewe Woven Tote Bag

If the rainbow woven Loewe looks familiar, that’s because I just featured it recently. I try not to repeat or recycle posts, but this tote has been on my must-list all season, and I love the way it looks with this outfit! Who knew blue suede would look – or feel – so fresh in the summer? The only problem with the asymmetric top is that there’s no sleeve on the right side, so any time you lift your arm, you’re basically flashing someone. Wear it with a bandeau if you love to talk with your hands…or just exercise control and keep your arm down. To add a retro spin, I wore my Loewe duo with a pair of ‘80s jeans from Dolly Python Vintage and The Woods fine jewelry. That’s one of the reasons I love these Loewe pieces so much; they have so much personality that you can wear them with comfortable denim, and your outfit will still end up being the boldest in the room. Loewe woven bag available at Forty Five Tenicon for $3,852.87.

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Check Out Fendi’s Just-Debuted Pre-Fall 2016 Handbags

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Tag: FENDI 2016 Just-Debuted Pre-Fall Handbags

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Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

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When it comes to the top fashion trends to be seen on the runways, whether it is in terms of colors, patterns, styles, handbags, jewelry, hairstyles, makeup or nails, it appears that Jason Wu always has something unique and very cool to offer us measly fans who fall head over heels in love with so many of the brand’s latest looks. TheJason Wu pre-fall 2016 collection is no different really, particularly since it is clear that there was a lot of logic and reason that went into pulling together the lineup that will be available in stores for a long while yet.

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

According to Wu himself, it is all about creating clothes that people will desire. “Now, everything has to be considered. Pieces really have to be able to stand on their own.” The calculations were made, the cloth was cut and the creations of an impeccable mind have truly wowed us now. The guiding factor has been Le Corbusier colors, while there is a very clear fight between the masculine and the feminine going on, with some pieces within the 23-look collection falling to one side of the spectrum and the others preferring the more feminine wiles.

Slouchy trousers and matching jackets are countered with mature midi dresses with small slits up the sides and a deeper neckline showing off just enough cleavage to yell sexy soccer mom. We have plaid dresses and slouchy, more masculine appearing suits with just enough tailoring to appear feminine enough, the added pearls around the neck offsetting the boyish effects of the shorn curly hair.

Some trends we notice other than the slouchy trousers and the midi hems to the skirts and dresses are high necks with faux ties and pretty pleats to go with it, some asymmetrical skirts, kitten heels and slingback shoes, long coats and patchwork pieces, pretty frills and translucent silhouettes. We fall for the silkier pieces that are all about the comfort given the looseness of the trousers and crisscrossed tops, while so many of the pieces seem to be made to accentuate the willowy slim figures of the ladies who dare to wear it.

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

Slits up the thighs, cutouts on the sides and deeper cuts to the necklines are a thing here, meaning one is sexy in comfort and still very much in style while following the latest trends. As for the transparent pieces, we can safely say that shapely legs are wanted and boy will they be looking amazing in these designs, particularly with all those lovely floral appliques on the dresses and shirts, left bare underneath. Details were what made the difference here, zippers put to good use as corset seaming on dresses and even jackets, sporty racer back designs on a pretty black and seemingly barely there dress looking all the more delectable.

When it comes to beauty looks, red lips mark the visage, often as the only patch of color on the skin that is bright and luminescent, kept quite bare to the world. Hair is parted from the center and pulled back or simply cut really short. Sometimes there are a few loose tendrils to be seen.

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2016 Collection

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Jennifer Lawrence Has Been Mighty Fond of Her Valentino Bags Lately

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