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Kelly Rohrbach on C Magazine May 2017 Cover

Kelly Rohrbach on C Magazine May 2017 Cover

Kelly Rohrbach suits up on the May 2017 cover of C Magazine. In front of the lens of Zoey Grossman, the star of the upcoming ‘Baywatch’ reboot poses in a Michael Kors Collection tan pantsuit with gold hardware embellishment. For the accompanying spread, Kelly models bombshell looks ranging from form-fitting dresses to slouchy pantsuits and draped separates. Stylist Alison Edmond dresses the blonde beauty in the designs of Mugler, Monse, Altuzarra and more.


Model Kelly Rohrbach rocks blue Mugler jumpsuitModel Kelly Rohrbach rocks blue Mugler jumpsuitLounging in the sun, Kelly Rohrbach poses in blue crop top and skirtLounging in the sun, Kelly Rohrbach poses in blue crop top and skirtKelly Rohrbach models red lipstick with Kendall Conrad ear cuff and Jennifer Fisher drop earringKelly Rohrbach models red lipstick with Kendall Conrad ear cuff and Jennifer Fisher drop earringKelly Rohrbach models draped one-shoulder dress with rufflesKelly Rohrbach models draped one-shoulder dress with rufflesPosing on a convertible, Kelly Rohrbach models pinstriped pantsuit from Monse with Michael Kors sunglasses and Jimmy Choo heelsPosing on a convertible, Kelly Rohrbach models pinstriped pantsuit from Monse with Michael Kors sunglasses and Jimmy Choo heelsPosing next to a pool, Kelly Rohrbach models silver Altuzarra dress and Jimmy Choo heelsPosing next to a pool, Kelly Rohrbach models silver Altuzarra dress and Jimmy Choo heels

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Rosie for Autograph Gold Foil Deep Plunge Swimsuit $87.00Rosie for Autograph Gold Foil Deep Plunge Swimsuit $87.00
This deep plunge swimsuit features a feminine rose gold print as well as a flattering plunge back and clean lines.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley previously teamed up with Marks & Spencer’s Autograph line on lingerie and activewear. And now, she turns designer once again for a swimsuit collection. The 24-piece line features styles ranging from plunging one-pieces to gold foil embellished bikinis and one-shoulder styles. And who else to model the line than Rosie herself? The British beauty hits the beach in sizzling looks. 


Rosie for Autograph One Shoulder Gold Foil Bikini Top $55Rosie for Autograph One Shoulder Gold Foil Bikini Top $55
A one shoulder bikini top features a hidden molded cup for a perfectly smooth shape.Rosie for Autograph Bandeau Soft Removable Cup with Gold Foil $51.00 and Gold Foil High Leg $40.00Rosie for Autograph Bandeau Soft Removable Cup with Gold Foil $51.00 and Gold Foil High Leg $40.00
Flaunt some skin in a bandeau style bikini featuring on trend gold embellishment.Rosie for Autograph Elongated Triangle Slide Swimsuit with Preformed Cup $78.00Rosie for Autograph Elongated Triangle Slide Swimsuit with Preformed Cup $78.00
This push-up, halter-neck swimsuit features rose gold trim with a flattering v-neck and slim silhouette.Rosie for Autograph Elongated Triangle Slide Preformed Cup Foil Print $47.00 and Solid Hipster Pant with Hardware Detail $36.00Rosie for Autograph Elongated Triangle Slide Preformed Cup Foil Print $47.00 and Solid Hipster Pant with Hardware Detail $36.00
A classic triangle bikini top gets an update with chic hardware detail.Rosie for Autograph One Shoulder Printed Swimsuit in Floral $87.00Rosie for Autograph One Shoulder Printed Swimsuit in Floral $87.00
This one shoulder swimsuit is designed with a clean line for a chic, smooth shape.

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Top 10 Weirdest Chanel Bags

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Over the years, Karl Lagerfeld has created some of the weird or should we say, unique, handbags for Chanel. Surprisingly, these one-of-a-kind bags are some of the brand’s best sellers from its collections. Chanel has released a variety of designs, taking inspirations from unexpected things like Matryoshka dolls, milk carton box, gas tank and even computer keyboard. Other people may find it funny, but for most Chanel fans, these bags are worth the price. No matter how out of this world the designs are, these Chanel bags are still getting a lot of praises, so expect more quirky bags from the brand.

Some of these bags are still available at consignment shops, but since these are limited edition pieces, prepare to spend more money if you want to own one.

1. Russian Doll

Also known as the Matryoshka Doll Bag, as it was literally inspired by the famous Russian dolls. The bag was presented for the Paris-Moscow Pre-Fall 2009 Collection. It retailed at $6,000 (USD) when it was released. It is made of resin and gold, and features the CC logo with the iconic chain/leather shoulder strap. Who says Russian nesting dolls are only for home decor?

2. Hula Hoop Bag

Gone are the days when hula hoops are just used for exercising. Karl Lagerfeld has transformed the famous toy hoop into an amazing handbag for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. The bag’s signature quilted lambskin leather was attached to two hoops to make it into a handbag. A mini size is currently available at The Real Real for $1,395 (USD).

3. Belt Buckle Minaudiere

The Chanel Paris-Dallas Metiers D’Art Pre-fall 2014 was shown in a rodeo setting. So it’s no wonder that the collection will feature cowboy inspired accessories. One of the handbags in the collection was a minaudiere inspired by western belt buckles. The Belt Buckle Minaudiere was priced at $5,600 (USD) back in 2014.

4. Lait de Coco

One of the most popular bags from Chanel is the very adorable Lait de Coco bag from the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. The collection has a grocery theme, and the Lait de Coco bag perfectly fits in it. It has a shape of a milk carton and made of metallic goatskin. It is also made available in patent leather and python. The bag is still available at Portero for a whopping $11,990 (USD).

5. Grocery Basket Bag

If you think baskets are only for supermarkets, you haven’t seen this Chanel bag. Also from the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, the Basket bag is a luxury version of the classic wire shopping basket. The limited edition bag was released for $10,350 (USD).

6. Dubai By Night Gas Tank

The Chanel Cruise 2015 Collection was held in Dubai. Obviously, the most talked about bag after the runway show was the gas tank inspired bag. The Dubai By Night Gas Tank bag was made available in plexiglass and quilted leather. The bag has a small handle and includes a chain/leather shoulder strap. The plexiglass bag is still on sale at Tradesy for $7,780 (USD).

7. Brasserie Gabrielle Plexiglass Plates Minaudiere

The Fall/Winter 2015 Collection has a Paris Brasserie theme, wherein the Grand Palais was transformed into a chic restaurant during the show. The plates minaudiere was introduced in the show, it is made of white plexiglass with a lambskin leather and kiss lock closure. The bag is currently available at Portero for $9,950 (USD).

8. Film Projector Buonasera Minaudiere

Karl Lagerfeld has taken his inspiration from a vintage film projector to create this unique bag. The Film Projector Buonasera Minaudiere was presented for the Métiers d’Art Pre-Fall 2016 Collection which was held at a film studio in Rome. It is made of resin and brass, and features embellished strass on the lens. The bag was priced at $13,000 (USD).

9. Evening in L’Atelier Minaudiere Bag

One of the favorites from the Fall/Winter 2016 Collection is the spool thread inspired bag. It is made of gold thread and black resin with an interlaced chain and leather shoulder strap. The evening bag retailed for $7,600 (USD).

10. Keyboard Pouch Bag

The latest from this season is the Keyboard Pouch Bag from the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. The brand’s newest collection entitled “Data Center Chanel” features technology inspired accessories. The Keyboard Pouch is made of calfskin and available in black and silver. It features the address of Coco Chanel’s apartment, and comes with a cute robot charm. The bag retails for $950 (USD) and is still available in stores.

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15 Best Bag Deals for the Weekend

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Britt Robertson as Sophia Amoruso in 'Girlboss'. Photo: NetflixBritt Robertson as Sophia Amoruso in ‘Girlboss’. Photo: Netflix

Streaming now on Netflix, the half-hour series ‘Girlboss’ tells the fictional story of Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso’s rise from vintage seller to multi-million dollar success. Britt Robertson takes on the role of Sophia in a colorful tale set in San Francisco from 2006 to 2008. And of course, since the story focuses on fashion, the show had to deliver on the style front. ‘Girlboss’ costume designer Audrey Fisher recently opened up about outfitting the story in an exclusive interview with FGR. From her favorite outfit to working with the real Sophia and the challenge of dressing the mid aughts, discover the full Q&A below.


How did you get started in costume design? What was your education?
From a very young age, I was always making costumes for myself, my friends, and my family. My path to costume design was intuitive, creative and methodical although not academic. However in college, I was drawn to language, and I studied English Literature and German. I was fascinated by the theater, and interested in a career in dramaturgy and theater studies.

After graduating,  I pursued that dream, landing internships with two prominent avant-garde theaters in New York City, and then began graduate studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts to continue my education. And even in my extremely challenging graduate program, I was making costumes in my spare time. It was all connected: I was interested in how costumes can tell stories.

Based on some theatrical hats I was making for an art class, a German director in my Tisch program asked me to design the costumes for her production of ‘Medea’ at an East Village theater. That’s when costumes became both my passion and my profession, with that first small but exciting production in the early 1990s.

Britt Robertson wears a 70's inspired vest and red jeans in Girlboss. Photo: NetflixBritt Robertson wears a 70’s inspired vest and red jeans in ‘Girlboss’. Photo: Netflix

Since vintage clothing is a big part of the Nasty Gal story, did you use a lot of vintage pieces?
Of course! Sophia’s story is built on racks and racks of vintage clothes, so it was my mandate as a designer building a closet for the character Sophia to honor that history. Sophia herself favored a sexy and strong 1970s silhouette, and there were references both in her book and in the script to very specific details that I got to recreate in our show, like those favorite red jeans…and that East West leather jacket!

I scoured all my favorite vintage stores, and reached out to vendors I’ve worked with for years to find pieces that would work for our Sophia, portrayed by Britt. I tried to use as much vintage as possible on Britt, but sometimes TV production has special needs, like multiples of certain pieces because of a stunt, or rain, or a photo double…so in that case I would try to use contemporary pieces that were 70s-inspired. Also I built a lot of costumes for Britt…and that is always the most rewarding because I can really design what works for the actor, the scene and the character…triple crown!

Girlboss costume designer Audrey Fisher says Sophia Amoroso's style is all about referencing the 1970's. Photo: Netflix Girlboss costume designer Audrey Fisher says Sophia Amoroso’s style is all about referencing the 1970’s. Photo: Netflix

How much input did Sophia Amoruso have for the show’s costumes?
From the beginning, Sophia Amoruso was very generous with sharing her time, her personal photos and letting me see actual clothes she wore during that time of her life! She gave the production a library of amazing snapshots of her, and her chic friends, hanging out in SF in the mid-2000s, and those photos were a great road map for me. Very inspirational.

But the most powerful tool Sophia gave me was a walk through her own (jaw-dropping) closet! Early on, I went to her elegant home…and then we dove in. I took photos of everything, and made a “Sophia Bible”—an album of all those clothes: some vintage she wore in her personal photos, many pieces she simply cherished, and newer items that helped to illustrate for me the arc of her love of design. Every time I needed inspiration, I scrolled through that Bible, and found the spark I needed to dress Britt for another great scene in the show.

Britt Robertson (Sophia) wears a Gucci sweatshirt in Girlboss. Photo: NetflixBritt Robertson (Sophia) wears a Gucci sweatshirt in ‘Girlboss’. Photo: Netflix

Since the show is only set a decade ago, was it a challenge to pull looks together from the 2006-2008 era of fashion? Did you want to focus on trends of that time?
Yes. More recent fashion silhouettes are not as instantly recognizable to the viewer. For instance, we all have a visual short hand for even 60 year-old fashion from the 1950s—tiny waist, poodle skirt; and even for the more recent 1980s–shoulder pads! But the closer you get to our current time, in general the silhouette hasn’t yet become as recognizable or easily named.

In 50 years, the mid-2000s silhouette might be a huge Halloween favorite! The mid-aughts did have their own strong trends and sartorial flare: trucker hats, ironic tee shirts, fashion cowboy shirts, low-cut, wide waistband boot cut jeans, satin cargo pants, long peasant skirts, little vests, cropped jean jackets…I could go on. I tried to paint a strong mid-aughts look on the background performers, to ground the pieces in that time, and focused on Sophia’s 70s look, Annie’s retro vibe, and more timeless looks on the guys.
What advice would you give someone looking to get started in costume design?
 My advice is always the same: Dive in. Follow your passion. Be responsible and kind. Say yes to all opportunities because you never know what relationships will lead to more exciting design jobs. Make yourself indispensable to your team! Come up with the most creative ideas! And be joyful…because striving to design costumes for a living is straight up, official joy. Very Girlboss!

Ready for camera time, Britt Robertson (Sophia) rocks a moto jacket and denim shorts in Girlboss still. Photo: NetflixReady for camera time, Britt Robertson (Sophia) rocks a moto jacket and denim shorts in ‘Girlboss’ still. Photo: Netflix

How was the collaboration like on set?
Girlboss was about me collaborating with Kay Cannon and the writers, being inspired by their incredible scripts, and working closely with the other creative department heads to support this story, while being energized by Sophia’s honest, soulful journey. And my own stellar Team—assistant designer Kristine Haag, Supervisor Sara Castro, Key Costumer Yuki Tachibe, Costume Buyer Mayumi Masaoka, Set Costumers Nick and Lorie, Extra Buyers, and PAs Ross and Zoa—were all dedicated to creating the detailed world that you see on screen!

What was your favorite look from the show, or one that stands out the most?
It’s hard to choose a favorite among so many distinctive looks! Each outfit that I created for the character Sophia had to have a unique, casually chic statement. Even if she was just hanging out at her apartment her costume had to speak volumes about her commitment to personal style.

But the costume that I really love for how it transcends this story and winks at the real Sophia is the denim jumpsuit that we built for Britt. It’s SO Sophia, fit like a glove, and is like a super-chic fashion “work” uniform. I knew I wanted to create a denim jumpsuit for the character especially because the real Sophia always rocks a jumpsuit in her current life with such panache! So that costume was a chic, lucky charm, linking the fictional and the real Sophia.

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